Amazon Beauty Sale and Precautions in Logistics and Transportation

May 11,2024 · Industry News
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Amazon Beauty Sale
Amazon’s summer beauty sale is scheduled to start on May 13, 2024. What precautions need to be taken during logistics and transportation during the sale

Amazon is gearing up for its annual Summer Beauty Haul, a sales event specially arranged by the platform for beauty and personal care categories to stimulate consumer purchases and drive sales growth. The week-long sales event offers deep discounts and promotions on a variety of beauty products, attracting millions of shoppers to Amazon's platform.

Amazon Beauty Sale

The 2024 Summer Beauty Sale is expected to be bigger than ever, with more than 1,000 products from popular brands like Lancôme, TULA Skincare and Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty already enjoying at least 20% off in pre-sale events Discount.

Prime members will receive perks like a $10 promotional credit when you spend $50 or more on qualifying beauty products.

2024 Amazon Beauty Sale Introduction

Activity time

Amazon’s summer beauty sale is scheduled to start on May 13, 2024 and last until May 19.


During the event, consumers will receive a $10 promotional credit when they purchase more than $50 of beauty products on Amazon.

Product Range

Promotional activities cover skin care products, cosmetics, travel sets and other beauty market segments.

market expectation

It is predicted that sales of beauty and personal care categories will increase significantly in 2024, and search volume continues to rise, showing consumers' strong interest and demand for such products.

Preventive measures for logistics and transportation during major sales

Increased logistics needs

As beauty sales are expected to drive a large number of orders, logistics demand will increase accordingly, which may put pressure on the logistics network. Shipping and distribution operations need to be optimized, possibly partnering with third-party logistics carriers, or other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, to handle increasing freight volumes.

Inventory management challenges

Sellers need to accurately predict demand during promotions and implement measures to manage inventory levels and prevent out-of-stocks to ensure sufficient inventory and avoid out-of-stocks or overstocks. Increase inventory levels at Amazon or third-party shipping fulfillment centers, especially for best-selling and heavily discounted beauty products.

timeliness requirements

In order to meet consumers' expectations for fast delivery, logistics service providers need to improve delivery timeliness and may need to increase manpower and resources to cope with logistics peaks during promotions.

FBA warehousing pressure

Amazon FBA service may face peak periods of warehousing processing. Sellers need to plan in advance to ensure that products can be put into storage in a timely manner to avoid warehousing defect fees.

Cross-border logistics

For beauty products involving cross-border transportation, sellers need to pay attention to the customs clearance process and possible tax issues to ensure that the goods enter the destination country smoothly.

last mile delivery

Leveraging its vast network of distribution centers and last-mile delivery capabilities ensures timely and efficient order fulfillment during peak sales periods.

After-sales service

Enhanced its customer service and support team to handle potential inquiries and issues related to high volume of orders and shipments.

The 2024 Amazon Beauty Deals underscore the e-commerce giant’s dominance of the online beauty market, driven by its broad product selection, competitive pricing and unparalleled logistics capabilities.

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