Why should I recharge my CNstorm account?

The CNstorm account balance is for the convenience of your direct mailing of the goods in the order. If you choose direct mail when placing an order, we will automatically debit directly within the automatic debit limit you set when we receive the goods. If the shipping fee and other value-added service fees exceed the limit you set, or the balance in your account is insufficient, we will contact you again to ask for your opinion or wait for your recharge before deducting the payment for delivery. Timely recharging your CNstorm account and setting an appropriate automatic deduction limit can greatly improve the processing and delivery time of your proxy purchasing and transshipment goods.

How to recharge CNstorm account?

Log in to the website, enter [Member Center-My Assets-My Balance], click Recharge, and directly enter or select the recharge amount (the unit is yuan).

What recharge methods does CNstorm support?

Log in to the account, click Member Center - My Balance to view the account balance and recharge. Currently we provide six foreign currency/RMB top-up methods:

Paypal recharge and international credit card recharge

1. Paypal recharge supports 4 kinds of international cards (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB Card) and some national bank cards worldwide;

2. Regardless of the currency account you use, the Paypal recharge will be converted in US dollars, and the Paypal recharge will arrive in real time;

3. According to the latest exchange rate announced by the Bank of China, we will make real-time adjustments from time to time according to changes in the exchange rate of the Bank of China;

4. The current Paypal recharge fee is 3.7%+$0.3.

recharge on Alipay

1. Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading independent third-party payment platform in China and an affiliated company of Alibaba Group. Alipay is committed to providing "simple, safe and fast" online payment solutions for Chinese e-commerce;

2. Alipay has established in-depth strategic cooperation with more than 160 banks at home and abroad, VISA, MasterCard international organizations and other institutions, and has become the most trusted partner of financial institutions in the field of electronic payment;

3. 0.6% service charge for Alipay recharge, and there may be a delay of 1-60 minutes.

WeChat recharge

1. WeChat Pay is a mobile payment product jointly launched by Tencent’s mobile social communication software WeChat and the third-party payment platform Tenpay. The payment and security system of WeChat is supported by Tencent Tenpay. Tenpay is a third-party payment platform that holds an Internet payment license and has a complete security system;

2. You only need to bind your bank card in WeChat and complete the identity authentication, and then you can recharge. When paying, you only need to enter the password on your mobile phone to complete the recharge;

3. WeChat Pay supports debit cards and credit cards of the following banks: China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, China CITIC Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Guangfa Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Minsheng Bank. In addition, WeChat Pay also supports credit cards issued by the following banks: Shenzhen Development Bank, Bank of Ningbo;

4.WeChat recharge charges a 0.6% handling fee, and there may be a delay of 1-60 minutes.

Domestic bank card

At present, domestic bank cards are used to recharge, and the maximum amount of a single transaction is 20,000 RMB.

Bank transfer

1. You can remit money to the corresponding account of CNstorm through overseas wire transfer or mainland China bank. After the remittance is completed, you need to send the screenshot of the wire transfer receipt to the customer service by email or online customer service. That is, manually recharge for you;

2. If you need to use overseas wire transfer, please handle the wire transfer to the account below CNstorm (bank settlement is required, and usually arrive within 2-3 working days after remittance): CITIC Bank (US dollar account) Beneficiary's Name: STONE LOGISTICS Co. ,LID. Bank Account: 8110314012400299409 Beneficiary's Bank: SHENZHEN BAO'AN BRANCH OF CITICBANK SWIFT Code: CIBKCNBJ518 Bank Address: CHINA CITIC BANK, SHENZHEN BRANCH 8/F, EXCELLENCE TIMES SQUARE PHASE 2, NO.8 ZHONG XIN ROAD 3, FUTIAN ( Note: Overseas wire transfers will generate an account entry fee equivalent to 65 Hong Kong dollars, and the remitter should choose to bear all the service fees. The account entry amount is subject to the actual amount received after deducting the service fee.)

3. If you need to remit money through a bank in mainland China, please remit to the following account in CNstorm (usually within 24 hours after remittance):

Opening bank: China CITIC Bank Shenzhen Baoan Sub-branch

Account name: Shenzhen Sitong Warehousing and Logistics Co., Ltd.

Account number: 8110301012800296033

4. After completing the bank remittance, you need to send the screenshot of the remittance receipt to the customer service via email or online customer service, so that we can recharge your remittance to your CNstorm account in a timely and accurate manner.

How long does it take for the account to be credited after recharging?

If you choose Paypal payment, most of them will arrive in real time (except for Paypal e-cheque and Paypal risk freezing, subject to the final actual processing cycle), Alipay international card requires a 24-hour review period by the bank.

How much is the recharge fee?

Paypal recharge: The conversion standard is related to the exchange rate, and the foreign currency recharge exchange loss of about (3.7%+$0.3) needs to be deducted for each transaction

The payment fee for domestic bank cards and credit cards is about 1%

The fee for paying with a foreign credit card is about 3%+2RMB

The service charge of Alipay and WeChat payment is 0.6%

How is the recharge exchange rate calculated?

The account recharge standard is related to the exchange rate. According to the latest exchange rate announced by the Bank of China, we will make real-time adjustments from time to time according to changes in the exchange rate of the Bank of China.

Will there be a case where the recharge is unsuccessful? What are the reasons for top-up failure?

Unsuccessful top-up is possible. If it shows that the recharge is unsuccessful, there may be the following reasons: If the relevant information you fill in is incorrect when recharging, it may lead to unsuccessful bank deduction.

It is also possible that the recharge is unsuccessful due to browser problems. You can try to clear the cookies of the browser first, and then recharge. If it still fails, change another browser and log in to recharge.

The Paypal recharge is successful, but my balance shows that it has not been credited, what's the matter?

If you encounter the problem that the recharge has not arrived, please contact customer service and provide the customer service staff with your recharge method, recharge date, recharge amount or order number, and CNstorm registered member name.

Within 2 working days after receiving the information you submitted, the financial staff will manually top up your account after confirmation and verification.

How to withdraw the account balance?

If you want to apply for cash withdrawal, please provide your recharged payment account (paypal, Alipay or WeChat account, etc.), real name, CNstorm username and cash withdrawal amount to the customer service. Withdraw cash within 5-10 working days (return to the original route).

What payment methods does CNstorm support?

Currently CNstorm supports 4 payment methods:

1. Balance payment (pay with account balance)

2.PayPal payment (foreign currency exchange loss is about 3%-3.9%)

3. Alipay payment (0.6% handling fee)

4. WeChat payment (0.6% handling fee)

In order to reduce exchange loss, it is recommended to use balance payment.

Paypal payment exchange money saving method

If you pay by PayPal, PayPal will automatically convert your currency into US dollars, and then pay us. The settlement exchange rate of other currencies into US dollars is determined by PayPal.

PayPal’s exchange loss is relatively high (actually, PayPal’s fees are relatively high), and if you choose to directly complete the exchange and then pay with your card issuing bank, it will be much more beneficial!

How to set up the Paypal account? We compiled a tutorial based on some information on the Internet:


1. Find the option through this link: https://www.paypal.com/hk/cgi-bi ... -funding&buyer_hub# (or enter "Personal Center" - click "Settings" in the upper right corner - click "" in the upper navigation Payment" - then click "Manage Pre-approved Payment" on the left - then click "Set Available Funding Sources" on the right of the list), see attached picture 1, here click "Exchange Options" on the right:

2. Click "Exchange Options" behind the card number, and select the second item after entering, which means that your card issuing bank will complete the exchange, as shown in Figure 2.

Finish! These two options only affect the exchange fee you pay, and there is no difference for CNstorm. We all receive the same amount of US dollars in the end.

The information comes from the Internet and may not be accurate. If you are more concerned about the exchange rate, it is best to consult PayPal and the issuing bank for more accurate information.

How much is the withdrawal fee?

When you apply for cash withdrawal, the cash withdrawal amount can only be returned to your payment account through the original route.