Change Notice of American Special Line Logistics Carrier

2019-06-13 17:58:04

Dear CNstorm users:

As per notice by the original logistics carrier of American Special Line, from now on, a residential fee of 20 yuan/shipment will be charged for the package with address is identified as private residence address. For the benefit of all users, CNstorm has decided from now on stop cooperating with original carrier, and has changed to a new carrier.

The delivery time and freight of American special line remain the same, the first weight is 97/500g, and additional weight is 21/500g, one single package is limited to 30KG, and goods with built-in non-removable battery can be shipped as usual.

Volume weight has remained in the new Carrier, and the same way of calculating volume weight: Length(cm) * width(cm) * height(cm)/6000.

Thanks for your kindly understanding and support to CNstorm, we will continue to work hard and provide you with quality services.


CNstorm Operation Team

June 13, 2019