Important Notice on Logistics Issues Affected by the Epidemic

2020-05-09 11:51:18

Dear CNstorm Users,
     Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, cross-border logistics service and freight have been greatly affected, therefore, please kindly pay attention to the following information and make necessary preparations.  

1. Delayed Logistics Service
     Due to the shortage of manpower in destination countries, the decreasing number of international flights, as well as prevention and control measures against the pandemic, all logistics providers have experienced serious delays and overcrowded warehouses, which have greatly affected the normal transfer of parcels. If you have not received the parcels, please wait patiently. If you have not placed the order yet, please be prepared for such possible delays.

2. Rising International Freight
     Affected by the global pandemic, the number of international flights has been reduced, and all warehouses are out of space at the present stage. Due to higher logistics costs, international freight charges have increased accordingly.

3. Please Choose Logistics Lines Cautiously for Personal Protective Equipment.
     According to restrictive policies recently released by the Chinese government and customs, there is a high risk that the parcels containing personal protective equipment will be detained and returned by the customs, therefore, we suggest that you cautiously choose the logistics lines and try to send the epidemic prevention equipment separately (instead of sending them together with other articles in one parcel).  

4. Suspended Logistics Service for Certain Goods
     During the pandemic prevention and control period, many countries have strengthened the restrictions on the import and export of goods. Logistics providers may temporarily suspend the delivery of a certain category of goods which are under the control of customs, and return the parcels containing such goods, therefore, we suggest you to consult us before placing orders to avoid any troubles caused by delayed parcels.

5. Due to the influence of the third parties, there might be a delay in our service.
     In order to help you receive the parcels as soon as possible, we will do our best and keep following up closely with the logistics providers. 

     We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that our delayed service may have caused. Your understanding and support to CNstorm are highly appreciated. 
CNstorm Operation Center