New users of CNStorm must see a treasure trove

1. What websites can I purchase products from through CNStorm?

Currently, CNstorm supports the following websites:

Taobao Tmall Amazon Dangdang Alibaba

Vipshop Mogujie Meilishuo 

2. Which commodities can be mailed and which cannot be mailed?

Items that can be mailed via CNstorm:

clothing, bags, shoes

Books, jewelry, digital products, small home appliances, etc.

Household items (e.g. curtains, bed sheets, murals)

Tableware, toys, small furniture, glasses, CDs, etc.


Categories of items prohibited by air customs:

Weapons and ammunition and simulated weapons, flammable and explosive items, prohibited drugs, dangerous chemicals, embargoed publications, state secrets, national currency, plants and seeds, unsealed food, confidential components


Sensitive products:

According to the differences in customs policies of various countries, some countries or regions are more sensitive to special commodities, and postage and customs clearance are more difficult. We call them "sensitive commodities".

Including but not limited to the following items:


Food category: all kinds of food (involving inspection and quarantine issues)

Electronics: electronic products (including batteries), pure batteries, mobile power

Clothing category: international first-line brands

Other: liquid, powder, compressed gas, gold and silver jewelry

Digital products and accessories: Taobao merchants are uneven, and we are temporarily unable to make professional appraisals for highly specialized digital products. It is recommended that you carefully select high-quality merchants for selection.


UK: Sensitive to imported beef, not suitable for mailing

Italy: Sensitive to imported leather shoes, not suitable for mailing

Australia: Sensitive to imported animal fur and wooden goods, plant seeds are not suitable for mailing

Japan: Sensitive to imported animal leather products and wooden products

For details, please refer to the [Prohibited Items] column.


3. The approximate time and cost of each logistics route.

For details, please refer to:


4. How to track and query logistics information?

After the package is sent out, you can log in to Member Center - My Package - to view the logistics information

Kind tips:

International logistics involves multi-party transit, there will be a certain lag in the update of logistics information, and there will be a delay in updating (international small packages are more prominent). When you urgently need to check the status of the package but the logistics information has not been updated, you can contact Our online customer service will check for you.


5. How to choose the logistics route that suits you?

Regarding the choice of logistics lines, generally consider several aspects such as time, cost, and postage limit. Generally speaking, the lines that can maintain a stable and fast speed are more expensive, while the lines with preferential prices are slower or less stable. You can choose according to your actual situation, and make certain psychological preparations. Due to the complexity of international logistics, sometimes cheap lines may be faster than the stated time, but don’t expect it to last like this; and expensive lines are actually impossible to avoid delays, but the probability is much lower , but don’t worry too much, expensive lines will do a better job in inquiry and compensation.


6、 What should I do if I find a problem with the product after receiving it?

-The purchased/transshipped goods are fragile

If your product is fragile (such as glass, ceramic products, etc., including but not limited to the above products), in view of the current logistics company's regulations on the transportation of fragile products, CNstorm guarantees the integrity of the product before delivery, but if If the product is damaged during delivery and is judged as fragile by the logistics company, the resulting loss shall be borne by the user.

- The outer packaging of the package is damaged

Purchasing tips for purchasing goods (updated from time to time)

If Taobao has coupons, how to use coupons when purchasing?

You can manually modify the "commodity price and domestic shipping fee" when submitting a proxy purchase order. Please first confirm the timeliness of the discount announcement on the seller's webpage so as not to affect the normal proxy purchasing speed.

Instructions for inspection of CD & hand-made products

Because "CD" and "hand-made" commodities have high collection value. In order not to affect the user's collection, the inspection of these two types of goods (if there is an outer plastic bag) will not remove the outer plastic bag for inspection, and the internal parts of the product cannot be inspected in detail. Can only judge whether the appearance is intact. If you have different inspection requirements, please make a special note when purchasing the product. sorry for the inconveniences caused!

Will the gifts you get when you buy something from Taobao also be sent?

Gifts of the same type as purchased products will be stored together with the purchased products.

If you buy food like sausage on Taobao, can you send it to me?

Non-perishable, vacuum-packed sealed food can be sent to you by EMS, but limited by local customs policies, meat food inspection is stricter, and there is a certain probability of customs confiscation risk.

Can food items be mailed separately?

Sealed and vacuum-packed cooked food can be sent to you by EMS, but subject to local customs policies, there is a small probability of inspection and confiscation of the product, which you need to bear.

Can plant products be mailed?

Fresh and live plants are limited to customs policies and cannot be sent. If the plants you buy are dried specimens or ground powders, and they are well-sealed, CNstorm can try to send them to you based on experience, but there is a small chance of delays in checking and detaining, which you need to bear.

Can dried flowers be mailed?

Dried flowers are sensitive products, which involve animal and plant inspection and quarantine, and may cause ecological invasion. Based on our experience, we recommend that you try to use EMS to send, but there is a certain risk of delay in checking and detaining, and you have to bear it yourself.

Can feathers be mailed abroad?

Animals, plants and their specimens and fur are subject to import and export controls, especially the fur of some rare animals, which is strictly controlled by the national customs, and such goods cannot be sent.

Can medicines be mailed?

Drugs involved in the drug control catalog of the destination country are restricted goods. Based on past experience, CNstorm recommends using EMS to deliver if the amount of medicine is relatively small, but there is a certain risk of confiscation or delay, which needs to be borne by you. Capsules, tablets, and pills have larger particles, so you can try to send them by EMS. Ointments and potions are sensitive products and you can only try to send them by AIR sensitive line.

Can liquid products be shipped?

Liquid goods involve aviation security checks, and it is recommended that you do not send these types of goods in bulk. For example, a single bottle of cosmetics does not exceed 100ml, and a single package does not exceed 200ml. We can try to help you transport it, and there is a certain risk of seizure. Commodities with higher value, such as bird’s nest, are recommended to be sent by EMS and sent as food, and there are risks of delays in checking and detaining and loss of items.

Can the tea be mailed?

Due to the testing standards for pesticide residues involved in tea, it is classified as a sensitive product. It is not recommended to send in large quantities. You can use EMS to send a small amount of food as food, and the chance of seizure is relatively low.

Can high imitation shoes be mailed to the United States?

The U.S. import tax threshold is 800 USD, and the chance of shoes being taxed is very low. High imitation shoes are subject to imitation brand postage. It is recommended that you use EMS to send them, and the chance of being seized is relatively low.

Can eye shadow and mask be mailed?

Eye shadows and mask contain a small amount of liquid, which is controlled by aviation security inspection. Generally speaking, the risk is at the place of departure. If it is found, it will be processed as a return. CNstorm will arrange multiple shipments for you; although there are delays in return at aviation security inspection Risk, but the chances of seizure are relatively low.

Can contact lenses be mailed?

Products with a small amount of liquid in contact lenses, such as color contact lenses, are subject to aviation security checks and are included in the Dangerous Goods Control Catalogue. The content of a single package does not exceed 200ml/g. Based on experience, CNstorm can try to send it through the Air sensitive line for you, but there is a certain risk of delay in customs inspection and seizure, which needs to be borne by you.

Can the nail polish be mailed?

Nail polish is a flammable liquid, which involves aviation security checks and belongs to the dangerous goods control list. CNstorm does not support the mailing of such products.

What express route can I choose to send electronic products (mobile phones, computers, etc.)?

Since mobile phones, computers and other electronic products involve built-in batteries, imitation brand postage, and are of high value, it is first necessary to exclude the AIR postal parcel route, etc.; choose the corresponding route according to the built-in battery and imitation brand postage, and recommend the delivery route For the DHL brand price. Since this type of product has an information storage function, and software authorization involves intellectual property protection, please try to choose bare-metal delivery, and install the software after receiving the package.

Can domestic Meitu mobile phones, selfie artifacts, etc. be mailed abroad?

Mobile phones are valuable items. It is recommended that you choose the DHL brand price method for delivery, and consider choosing the package reinforcement service.

PS: If you are still not sure whether your item can be mailed, please provide a picture and send it to

Paypal payment exchange money saving method

If you pay by PayPal, PayPal will automatically convert your currency into US dollars, and then pay us. The settlement exchange rate of other currencies into US dollars is determined by PayPal.

PayPal’s exchange loss is relatively high (actually, PayPal’s fees are relatively high), and if you choose to directly complete the exchange and then pay with your card issuing bank, it will be much more beneficial!

How to set up the Paypal account? We compiled a tutorial based on some information on the Internet:


1. Find the option through this link: ... -funding&buyer_hub# (or enter "Personal Center" - click "Settings" in the upper right corner - click "" in the upper navigation Payment" - then click "Manage Pre-approved Payment" on the left - then click "Set Available Funding Sources" on the right of the list), see attached picture 1, here click "Exchange Options" on the right:

2. Click "Exchange Options" behind the card number, and select the second item after entering, which means that your card issuing bank will complete the exchange, as shown in Figure 2.

Finish! These two options only affect the exchange fee you pay, and there is no difference for CNstorm. We all receive the same amount of US dollars in the end.

The information comes from the Internet and may not be accurate. If you are more concerned about the exchange rate, it is best to consult PayPal and the issuing bank for more accurate information.