What are the value-added service items?

serial number


scenes to be used



Refined product photography (when placing an order)

When you submit an order, you need to take photos of the details, such as taking pictures of the collar label, washing label, minor damage, dyeing, partial size of the product, and the express delivery list of the package.

2 yuan/1 piece


Refined product photography (after storage)

After the order has been quality inspected and put into the warehouse, you need to take photos of the details, such as taking pictures of the collar label, washing label, minor damage, dyeing, partial size of the product, and the express delivery list of the package, etc.

3 yuan / 1 piece


Split order service

After the order has been placed in the warehouse, if you find that there are sensitive items or too many items before submitting the waybill, you need to separate the order.

3 yuan/order


Change order packaging

After the product quality inspection of the order package is put into the warehouse, you request to remove the outer packaging of the product or reduce the filling and gifts in the box to reduce the weight of the package. (After the quality inspection, it will be stored in the original packaging)

3 yuan/order


Extended storage period

For orders that are about to exceed 180 days after storage, you request to extend the storage period, each extension can be extended by 90 days, and the maximum extension can be extended by 180 days.

10 yuan/order/90 days


Accelerated Channel Service-Procurement

You request a flash sale for a paid order or place an order now.

3 yuan/order


Take pictures of the package status

When you submitted your order, you asked to take a photo of the unshipped package status.

5 yuan/package


Parcel product adjustment

After the waybill is packaged, you are not satisfied with the package and request to repackage, subpackage, increase or decrease the goods.

20 yuan/package

Kind tips:

1. Note in detail the order number and package number of the waybill that need to be operated;

2. Clearly note the specific operation requirements (such as: order splitting operation, split order needs to be split into several orders, what is the number of each sub-order, and clearly note the name and quantity of the goods to be split and distributed);

3. When submitting an order, check the exact value-added service items according to the corresponding operation requirements.

4. The value-added service operation requirements noted on the normal product order page will be considered invalid and will not be accepted.

5. After the completion of any value-added service project, you will be notified of "processed" by email or internal letter.

How to use value-added service items?

On the page of submitting the international waybill, you can choose the corresponding value-added service item, and the value-added service fee will be paid together with the shipping fee.

If you need more value-added services after the goods are put into storage, you can check [Value-added Service Items] and contact customer service to help you register.

How long is the storage period of the product in CNstorm warehouse? What happens when the time limit expires?

The period for abnormal transshipment orders is 60 days (free storage for 2 weeks), and the period for purchasing orders is 180 days (about 6 months). The size of the goods is limited to less than 2 cubic meters before they can be stored for free, otherwise corresponding fees will be charged.

The storage time starts to be counted when the order status changes to "Stored". During the storage period, CNstorm is responsible for the storage of the products and assumes corresponding responsibilities, except for the products purchased by users whose shelf life is within the storage period (for example, the shelf life of perishable items is only 1 month).

If the order exceeds 180 days, you can apply for an extension of the storage period within 7 days, and each time you can extend it by 90 days, up to 180 days, 10 yuan/order/90 days. Overdue CNstorm will be regarded as giving up custody and destroyed. If you fail to submit the parcel waybill or make any feedback within 180 days, you will be deemed to have abandoned the product, and we will destroy the expired product uniformly.

However, such as security check return and other transshipment abnormal packages, they cannot be put back on the warehouse shelf after return, and can only be arranged in the return area for storage. Due to the limited space in the return area, the free storage period is 2 weeks. If it has not been processed after 2 weeks, it will be The storage fee is charged at 2 yuan/day, please understand! There will be no prompts and notifications for the destroyed goods. In order to avoid the destruction of the goods, please submit the parcel waybill within the validity period of storage. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

What if I need the package to be re-photographed and packaged? What is the fee standard?

When submitting an order/international waybill, if you choose the order photo/package photo service, the system will automatically add a value-added service fee to the total price of the order/waybill (the specific price will be displayed on the payment page, or refer to the value-added service item table). If you are not satisfied with our packaging effect and request to repackage, subpackage, increase or decrease commodities, we will charge an additional package commodity adjustment fee of 20 yuan according to the value-added service item table.