Under what circumstances can a product be returned without reason?

Answer: After the purchased goods are shipped from the CNstorm warehouse, if you do not want to continue to complete the order transaction due to your subjective reasons, such as the price is not suitable, change your mind, etc., CNstorm may provide return and exchange services according to the situation, but the related expenses incurred need you To bear. The product to be returned or exchanged must be approved by the merchant of the store where the product is located, and must be within the scope of the returnable product category supported by the online shopping store where the product is located. The specific agreement is subject to the actual situation.

Which products support no reason to return?

The application shall be made within five days after the goods are put into storage, within the scope of supporting return and exchange, and the seller agrees to return and exchange of goods, under normal circumstances, it is within the scope of supporting no-reason return and exchange.

The product categories that do not support five-day no-reason return are as follows:



Product examples (including but not limited to)

Customized, custom-made

Personalized customization and design services

Products that have requested CNstorm to remove packaging, tags, product accessories, etc.

Clothes with tags and packages cut off

Delivered Newspapers, Periodicals

Subscribed Newspapers, Periodicals

Idle, resale items

Second-hand goods, unused goods

Overseas purchasing agents, global purchasing products

Products purchased from overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan


Panties, Underwear, Socks, Leggings

Adult Products

All kinds of adult products

The merchant stipulates that the product does not support return or exchange

Subject to the actual requirements of stores and merchants


biscuits, candy, etc.

How to apply for return without reason?

Application conditions:

For transshipment orders (self-service purchase + consignment delivery), if you need to apply for a return, you can apply for a return or exchange in [Member Center -> My Orders] without time limit.

Within 5 days of the "signed for" status of the express delivery order (calculated from the time point of "signed for", five days after 120 hours), you can apply for an unreasonable return or exchange in [Member Center -> My Orders]. Overdue will not be accepted.

CNstorm will try its best to arrange the return and exchange application for you if the purchasing order is submitted within the valid time. However, whether the return or exchange is successful or not, it still needs to meet the return and exchange requirements of the third-party e-commerce procurement platform. If it is supported for 7 days without reason, it does not support returns Goods etc. If the return requirements are not met, CNstorm will cancel the return application submitted by the user.

Operating procedures:

How are returns and exchanges charged?

Charge standard for return and exchange of purchasing orders: you need to bear the freight to send back to the seller. The return freight standard is based on [Freight Estimation], and the CNstorm return operation fee and packaging consumable fee are ¥10/order, ¥20/package . If the seller requires you to bear their shipping costs, then this cost also needs to be borne by you, please understand.

Forwarding order return and exchange (including domestic forwarding) fee standard: You need to bear the shipping cost of returning the returned goods to the seller. The return and exchange shipping cost standard is based on the [Shipping Cost Estimation], as well as CNStorm return and exchange operation fee and packaging consumables fee of ¥ 10/order, ¥ 20/package.


1. The amount you apply for return and exchange is only limited to the price you actually paid for the product;

2. Domestic parcels will be sent to ZTO or SF Express by default, and the price will not be guaranteed, and the payment will not be made;

3. Return and exchange operation fee and packaging consumables fee:

If the order status is [Ordered] or [Shipped] or [Quality Inspection], a return operation fee of ¥10/order will be charged;

If the order status is [Stored] or [Package in all statuses], a return operation fee and packaging consumable fee of ¥20/package will be charged;

4. The operation fee deduction means that the product to be returned has been handed over to the courier company. If you no longer want to return the product after the operation fee has been incurred, the resulting operation fee will not be refunded;

5. Purchasing service can apply for unreasonable return and exchange within the validity period;

6. Whether you can successfully apply for a return or exchange will depend on whether you and the merchant agree to return or exchange;

7. If you do not recharge the shipping and handling fees for the return and exchange when applying for an unreasonable return, the unreasonable return will be given up by default.

What is CNstorm's return policy?

CNstorm is committed to eliminating all your worries about international online shopping. In order to ensure your shopping convenience and safety, every process of your shopping at CNstorm has corresponding standards, including returns and replacements.

A. CNstorm promises to handle returns and exchanges for you within 7 days from the time the product order is placed (actual payment date, not the waybill). The conditions are as follows:

1) Check the goods with serious quality problems

2) The inspection found that the damaged goods occurred in the logistics delivery

3) Returned goods due to personal reasons, unused, unpacked goods that do not affect secondary sales

4) Products that are found to be inconsistent with the order description upon inspection

After the above conditions are verified to be true, the goods can be returned or exchanged. Please contact customer service directly to apply for a return.

B. When you need to return or exchange within seven days after overseas receipt, you need to return the product to the designated return address. Return shipping requirements are as follows:

1) Products with serious quality problems or damaged in the logistics center shall be directly compensated according to the guarantee method selected by mail, and shall not be returned or exchanged.

2) If personal reasons lead to return and exchange, and the goods that do not affect the secondary sale, the user needs to pay the round-trip shipping fee when sending it back.

3) If you need to send back the goods on CNstorm.com, please contact customer service to inform the package number of the goods after sending them out.

C. After confirming that there is a problem with the product and the product meets the seller's return conditions, CNstorm will refund or replace it for you within 5 working days after signing for it. The money will be returned to your website account, and you can apply for a refund according to the original recharge path. Since the transfer dates of each bank are different, please refer to the actual arrival time.

D. The following situations are not within the scope of return and exchange:

1) Products that affect secondary sales

The products represented by CNstorm are all original products. In order to protect the interests of consumers, if the returned products and accessories, labels, sales receipts, gifts, packaging, etc. are missing, or there are other situations that affect secondary sales, returns will not be accepted. The following situations are deemed to affect secondary sales

a. The original seal of luxury goods and high-value products is displaced, torn, or damaged;

b. Open the original packaging of mobile phones, cameras, and notebook products or install batteries to start them up;

c. Open the original packaging of the sealed product;

d. The watch strap has been adjusted;

e. Food, flowers, green plants, cosmetics, underwear, underwear, and special products designated by CNstorm, once signed for, usually do not accept returns and exchanges if there is no quality problem, please pay attention to the seller's instructions when purchasing;

f. The product has been worn, washed, defaced, damaged, etc.;

g. Normal wear and tear of the goods;

h. If the purchased product comes with an outer box (such as a shoe box), do not directly wrap tape or paste a delivery note on the outer box of the product when returning it, otherwise it cannot be returned or exchanged (damage to the outer box caused by squeezing or bumping during transportation does not count).

i. Commodities marked on the webpage as "designer's limited edition products, if there is no quality problem, no return or exchange" will be issued.

2) Since the light used to take the picture is a professional photography light, and the color displayed on the computer screen may be different from the real product, the color difference between the real product and the picture is a normal phenomenon, and it is not a reason for return.

3) If the specified return application period is exceeded (within 7 days from the date of receipt), the transaction is deemed to be completed, and the return will not be processed after the deadline.

4) The original packaging and original accessories of the returned goods (including gifts) are not complete.

5) Product damage caused by human negligence or improper use will not be returned.

Product return/exchange process

Step 1: If you need to return or exchange the product due to product quality problems, please send an email to support@cnstormgroup.com, or contact the online customer service directly, describe your problem in detail, and provide photos of the package and the product.

Step 2: After receiving your application, the customer service will communicate with the merchant as soon as possible, and will reply you as soon as possible after confirming the result.

Step 3: If you confirm to accept the return and exchange, please return the relevant items (products to be returned + original purchase certificate + original packaging) to CNstorm as soon as possible after receiving the customer service reply. After we receive your returned goods, we will deal with them as soon as possible.

Package application return and mailing domestic risk reminder

Because CNstorm is an international logistics and transshipment company, mainly engaged in mailing overseas business matters, mailing domestic customers needs to bear greater risks, and generally not mailing.

If the package needs to be mailed domestically for return and exchange, please read the following instructions carefully:

1. If after the goods are delivered to the warehouse, if you apply for domestic mailing or return due to personal reasons, you need to submit your identity information for review, and the domestic return operation can only be carried out after the review is passed.

2. Domestic parcels will be sent to ZTO or SF Express by default, and the price will not be guaranteed, and the payment will not be made. Due to the consumption of human operation costs, the freight standard is slightly higher than the official one, please understand.

3. If there is no special request communicated with CNstorm customer service in advance, all operations shall be performed according to the default procedure. Customers should bear all the problems after the package is sent out, but we will try our best to help contact the courier company to apply for compensation. The compensation amount of the package is subject to the compensation standard of the courier company.