Overseas returns and charging standards

1. Overseas returns

    If the package cannot be delivered properly due to reasons such as unknown address or failure to contact the recipient, overseas return may occur, and the high return fee will be borne by the recipient.

2. Return fee standard

    The specific overseas return fee is calculated by the logistics provider, and CNstorm will be notified to collect it from the recipient. CNstorm will notify the recipient to pay the return fee by email.

3. Rejected parts

    If the recipient fails to pay the return fee within the specified time, the package will be abandoned by default. The logistics chamber of commerce will give priority to notifying the local logistics center to destroy the package in the destination country, but because there are some differences in the way each country handles the return, the specific handling result will be notified by the logistics provider.

    If the package cannot be destroyed in the destination country and finally returned to China, the return fee will still be borne by the recipient. Returned items are temporarily stored in CNstorm warehouse for 60 days (free storage for 2 weeks). If they have not been processed for more than 2 weeks, a storage fee of 2 yuan/day will be charged; if the customer does not reply within 60 days. For discarded items, CNstorm will destroy the returned items.