women's dress

Women's Top Size:

Women's Pants Size:

Women's Bra Size:


Overseas products are actually slightly larger than the marked size, please refer to it.

Waist measurements above are actual waist measurements, not trouser sizes.

P code: between XS~XXS

Some trousers are divided into S r l according to the length of the trousers, s is the short version, r is the normal version, and l is the extended version.

Women's shoes

Ladies shoe size conversion table:


The small size (S), medium size (M), and large size (L) marks refer to sizes S=5/6, M=7/8, L=9/10;

The size in the size quick reference table is a general size comparison table, and there are some differences according to different manufacturers;

The size quick check indicates the common American size, and there are some differences according to the style and brand;

Some European sizes and Italian sizes, if there is no half size, please refer to the US size in brackets;

Do not lift your feet for measurement (after lifting your feet, the length of your feet will be shortened);

Although the two feet are basically matched, there is usually one that is slightly larger and needs to be measured;

If the soles of the feet are wider or fatter, you need to consider ordering one size larger.


Men's clothing (outerwear, shirts, suits) measurements:

Men's Pant Size:

Men's Shirt Sizes:

Men's underwear size:

Men's shoes

Men's shoe sizes:

Common Weights and Measures Conversion